Joining in heaven on earth across Canning Town

Welcome to Church in Canning Town

What is it?

Real God

God is a friend 🤝, not a fairytale 🙈

So we are confident in the fact that Jesus was a real person who showed us what God is like, putting flesh and bone on the distant, angry, make-believe idea of ‘God’ that many of us have grown up around. We do this by learning from what he did and said, doing it in our lives and seeing that life is positively differently because of him.

Real Life

Monday blues 👔 and Friday fun 💃🏼, not just Sunday best 🙌🏼

So we don’t shy away from hard conversation and tough situations. We love to celebrate and need no excuses. We’re honest when we’re having a bad time, knowing that crying together is as important as laughing together. The bible shows a God who has dirt under his fingernails because he wants to be involved with the grit of real life. So there’s no need to hide – everyone’s welcome.

Real Church

We’re a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 , more than a tradition ⛪️

So we stay in touch through the week and are learning to have each other’s backs. We’re a community of neighbours that stick together because of God’s love for us. He’s made us all different but we don’t go it alone. So we’re learning to follow Jesus’ example and celebrate what he’s done for us – 2000 years ago and today. In our homes, out at work, walking the dog or wherever: we’re part of his family and learning to live like it.

“My three young kids feel welcomed by everyone!”
“It feels like freedom”
“I’ve found a family to walk with through the realities of life.”

Can I Join In?

Yes! You can experience for yourself what this is all about. Have a look here, on Facebook and Instagram.

On the map


WEEKLY Sunday Church

Sundays / Doors open 10.15, service is 10.30-12 latest. / Saint Matthias Church, Kimberley Road, E16 4NT

Sunday Church is a lively time of being together to get courage and be inspired. We sing some epic hymns, learn from Jesus and celebrate the good stuff. Everyone is welcome, especially noisy kids. Come as you are for a warm welcome, a hot drink and a taste of what it’s like to be part of Canning Town’s parish church.


MONTHLY Commuter Coffee (and tea).

Final Friday of every month / 7-8.30am / Star Lane DLR

Free tea and locally-roasted coffee outside Star Lane DLR on the final Friday of every month. Because Jesus cares about your commute!


We are part of the Church of England, in a regional group of churches that stretch from Canning Town to Clacton on Sea, from Stansted to Suffolk. Amazing eh!

We are committed to Safeguarding Children, Young People, Victims of Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults and have adopted the Church of England’s latest policies which can be found here.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer can be contacted confidentially

All Hallows Bow is a neighbourhood church that was given a new lease of life in 2010 by a small team and a big God. In 2016 they gave away a handful of people who call Canning Town home to be part of the future at St Matthias. Generous!

We are part of the HTB network; a group of churches across the country who work together to start new churches and help existing ones thrive. You could say they’re our great-grandparents!